22 January 2014

Quietest Class Ever

I happened to drop by this Spanish class and was struck by the total silence in the room. Were they doing an exam? It didn't look like it. 
Turns out they were making movie posters on their iPads - in Spanish of course. The intense concentration and total engagement was extraordinary. 

20 January 2014

Instructional texts

Year 3 always enjoy getting into instructions, but now it's even more exciting. With Chinese New Year approaching they are following instructions to make Chinese lanterns. Today they each demonstrated how to do this whilst being recorded by their partner. Now each of the steps is on video they will add a voice over to it in iMovie. 

What a great way to share their learning and reinforce the concept of concise step-by-step instructions. And at the same time they are learning a variety of technical skills from the importance of holding the camera still to adding a voice over. 

09 January 2014

Test Animation

I couldn't resist sharing one the test animations we did today. Considering it was a first attempt, and just a test, I think the results were quite good. Especially as we only had about 20mins to do it in. I love the concept behind this, and the sinister soundtrack adds to the effect.

Lego Movie Maker

As an introduction to our animation unit, Year 8 are experimenting with some simple stop-motion techniques. To do this we are using the iPads and a free app from Lego. We're having a lot of fun and I'm sure we'll soon have some amazing movies to share.