26 November 2016


A group of Yr9 students accompanied me to the BETT Show, to explore the very latest in educational technologies. As well as playing around with robots, VR and 3D printers, we had two lessons in the Great British Classroom. One using data logging equipment to conduct an experiment into induced current, and the other programming a game using a Raspberry Pi computer. The students were buzzing with excitement, being in this professional high-tech environment, and have asked to return next year. They know there will be more cool tools to see, because they are aware of how fast technology moves forward.

08 October 2016

eBook Authoring

One of our favourite apps, which is used across virtually the whole school, is Book Creator. This week, students were making media-rich books on subjects of their choice.

A wide variety of themes were represented, from travel guides, cook books, tutorial, explanations and short stories. Many books included sound effects, narration and video clips, with most incorporating their own photos and illustrations.