11 June 2015

High Tech Nursery

These tiny people really have a good grip on technology. Using iPads to scan a QR code which takes them to a video of their teacher. In this activity they listened to teacher sounding out the letters of the word. They then had to find the cards to match what they heard - either words or pictures. 

27 April 2015

ICT IGCSE Pacticals

I am so proud of my ICT students who sat their practical exams this week. Five hours of testing saw them manipulating databases, building presentations, writing formulas & functions, and creating web pages. 
Well done everyone - it looked like you did great. 

31 January 2015

Music Technology

I've always loved to see technology being used as a tool for making music. No matter how 'musical' you think you are, or aren't, technology is one of the methods that can enable anyone to create and experience making music. 

Year 7 have been using USB keyboards connected to MacBooks to record their own compositions. Although I haven't heard the results yet, they all seemed to be totally absorbed in the music making process, and Mr Paul was very pleased with what they have achieved so far. 

Yr8 Animate

A whole day of animation, where teams battled it out to make the best advertisement using their skills in Stop-Motion animation. To get it right, teams had to consider the story, lighting, frame rates, props, characterisation, editing, sound effects, music, titles and much much more. 

This team chose to make a box of Lego come to life.