02 May 2013

Year 1 on iMacs

When Year 1 use technology it is usually through the use of iPads, as well as other mobile devices. Today, one of the Year 1 classes used the iMacs for the first time. They were really excited about their progression to the 'big" computers. I remember when I was teaching in the UK (a long time ago) it was normal to teach kids of this age how to use a mouse. Then gradually we realised that children were starting school already having developed those skills at home. PC use had become so widespread that they were quite familiar with clicking & dragging. However, there now appears to have been a reversal of this trend. Many children of this age no longer have access to a mouse at home. A quick survey this morning revealed that many of the children have access to a laptop, and virtually all have regular use of an iPad. So now the primary device for interacting with a computer is their fingers. As a result, this morning's lesson was more about holding, moving and clicking the mouse.

Incidentally, the photo shows a lovely example of peer support. Four children from another Year 1 class (who had already had a couple of lessons using the iMacs), came along as 'experts', and were busy helping their friends to log on and access the application etc.

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