07 June 2013

Tech Consultant

That's me. For just one afternoon I was hired as a consultant by Year 4. They had been producing their own digital guides for their upcoming Art Gallery. The idea is that visitors to their gallery are given an iPad, and they use it to guide them around the gallery, providing them with detailed information about the exhibits. The children have made these in Keynote, complete with photos, videos and audio, all hyperlinked from a contents page. 
The reason they hired me as a consultant, was because many had ideas of what they wanted to achieve, but didn't know how to get Keynote to do it. If this was the case, they made an appointment to see me, by signing up on a sheet, and had to wait for their assigned time. The process was slick and smooth and they all got their problems solved.
During the rest of the time, they were preparing for their exhibition, or having other appointments with their class teachers about other issues.
I thought this was a great model for giving them the responsibility to be more active in seeking support as needed.

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